Yi Action Camera Review

A question I often ask other instagramers and have gotten myself is “What camera do you use?”

For most of my pictures I use my iPhone7 because of the ability to take pictures on the go.

For the other half I use my XiaoYi Yi Action Camera

For a little over 100$ (about 698RMB available on both taobao and baopals), I was able get this sweet little camera, a underwater case, selfie stick with timer, and a handlebar grip. 

Iphone7 vs the XiaoYI
All of this beauty wrapped into an object smaller than an IPhone? I’m down.

The Xiaoyi Yi to takes up to 1080P at 60fps videos and 16 megapixel photos, it also has a built in microphone. 

The video quality is extremely comparable to GoPro models, however it can struggle in dusk and night time lighting. (There are many great videos comparing models on youtube)

You may notice that this camera does not seem to have a viewfinder on it. You must download an app on your smartphone and link your XiaoYi’s wifi option to Wifi on your phone.  From here you will be able to see the camera’s viewfinder from your phone, have access to download all of your photos, as well as change the camera function (on the front of the camera you can change between video and photo by pressing a button, a red light on the top of the camera indicates its in video mode)

Xiaoyi Selfie
Not just checking out my Instagram feed; Hopefully you can take a better selfie than me with your Xiaoyi!


-Low price
-Video quality is comparable to GoPro models
– Easy download of photos to your phone
– A lot of people see my little green camera and believe its a toy, so possibly a little more theft resistant than other camera models

-Poor quality photos at dusk and night
-Stabilization can be a little off
-Makes a loud beeping when turning off/on/ ending a taking a video

Opinion: If you’re not looking to break the bank the XiaoYi Yi Action camera is the perfect way to go! I do not regret a single penny I have spent on it!