30 Before 30 Bucket-list

I am now coming into my 29th year of living (in August), I figured it’s time to compile a list of what I’d like to accomplish in the next year. Some goals may be a bit far off but hopefully I can make it halfway there!

1. Meet and play with an elephant Check out the time I hung out with Elephants in Chiang Mai!

2. Participate in a silent meditation retreat

3. Climb Mount Fuji

4. Try scuba diving

5. Ride a hot air ballon

6. Take a surfing class

7. Have a photo featured in an influential instagram

8. Run a half marathon

9. Learn to cook some signature Chinese dishes

10. Foster a cat

11. Learn to Salsa dance

12. Paraglide

13. Go to Europe

14. Get a meaningful tattoo

15. Become a certified teacher

16. Save $20,000

17. Attend a yoga retreat

18. Stay in a tree house

19. Start a website

20. Cook through an entire cookbook

21. Set up a 401k/ savings plan

22. Procrastinate less

23. Begin a capsule wardrobe

24. Pay it forward to someone else

25. Be more conscious of recycling and reuse what I can

26. Go on a digital detox for atleast a week

27. Get to the top of a rock wall.

28. Go camping on the Great Wall

29. Go tubing in Laos

30. Take an obnoxious Segway tour with friends